Great Lakes Marine Surveyors Ethics Policy.

Lighthouse Marine Surveyors Ethics Policy
• Follow USCG ,ABYC, ABS and NFPA safety guidelines in preparing the inspection report and while performing the survey.
• Recommend professionals/specialists on areas I am not qualified to inspect.
• Recommend hiring mechanics, rigging inspectors or salvage contractors on individualized case by case instances. Recommend the client hire these inspectors, repair persons, assist where possible and avoid conflict of interest at all times.
• Owners and masters should be present during all inspections if at all possible.
• On all recommended standards writing adhere to USCG,ABYC,NFPA and ABS standards.
• Will never "pad" (increase or decrease) values at the request of anyone.
• Will never give confidential written or oral reports to anyone other than my customer. A survey is a confidential report at all times.
• Will make certain customer understands reports, defects, deficiencies noted and why.
• Report only that which I have seen. Will never skip areas of the boat on assumption all is well.
• Will make myself available to my customers for review of the survey or vessel notes on a professional basis for a specified time after the survey is completed.

Great Lakes Marine Surveyors Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality surveys without prejudice or conflict of interest, while providing excellent customer service.

A survey is a description of the condition of the vessel as of the date of the inspection following visual examination and structural testing according to the accepted standards of practice of marine surveying. The surveyor assumes no liability for any defects not visible or discovered during the normal inspection process and shall be saved harmless for any defects or conditions subsequently arising. This survey does not guarantee either expressly or impliedly, the condition of the vessel. Payment, partial or in full constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and acceptance of this condition.



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